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Unblock Blocked sites in Pakistan

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Now you can easily unblock all the blocked websites in Pakistan very easily and simply, if you want to unblock YouTube ,Facebook or and other social site you can click on their icon located in footer (Below the posts), and if you want t open any other site which are not listed here, you can type it in below box and click on go, you will be soon in Your world. Remember the block sites in Pakistan are for spacial purpose and their opening here must be for educational purposes. Open and enjoy your site and don't forget to share.


Free US proxy to open Blocked sites

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This is simple free proxy, which will help you to unblock all the blocked sites and to surf anonymously, you can explore all the blocked content inUS through this web based proxy, this proxy is provided you by, and we share here just for your help, you can use it to unblock all social, cultural, moral and other blocked sites in your area, without any restrictions for free. use this proxy for all of your legal educational purposes. This proxy server is Fast, with high speed response, you can use it freely for long time with unlimited access.

Advantages of using this proxy

This is the list about advantages you have by using this proxy :

  • Free for life time use.
  • Fast server speed and response rate.
  • Good for video streaming.
  • As hosted on dedicated servers, so provide fast speed.
  • Unlimited free access, so a better choice then VPN.
  • Make you anonymous over internet.
  • Hide your online identity, so no one can track you.
  • Mask you another Fake IP address, so web owner can not know about you.
  • No popup ads, during browsing a site.
  • Remove objects and unnecessary scripts, and give a helpful output.
  • Best for users in US and all other countries.

  • Why use this proxy in US

    You can use this proxy in US for many purposes like :

  • To unblock blocked sites for legal educational purposes.
  • To hide you online identity by masking Fake IP address.
  • To secure your online connection from hackers.
  • To secure your personal info.
  • To be anonymous over internet.
  • For educational purposes.

  • Best free sites for users of US

    Following are the best proxy sites for users living in US, you can use any of them for your general or office work for free, they give you unlimited access and free browsing over internet with hiding your online presence : : 12345poxy is one of famous proxy in United states, thousands of people use it daily for their needs, you can also use this proxy for free to open block sites and to hide your online identity. : A wonderful free proxy, with list of top proxy sites, high speed and fast rsponse with unlimited access, you can use it freely to  unblock all the blocked sites with high speed. : A free proxy server that can be used to watch videos online with fast speed, it provide unlimited free access to all blocked content, this is free proxy server with high speed. : A free proxy site made on Glype, provide unlimited free access to blocked content from US, Uk and from all other countries, you can hide your IP address for free through this proxy site. : A fun full proxy, good for unblocking of blocked sites and to hideo your online identity with fun. : A US based free proxy server that can help you to hide your real IP address and mask it with fake IP address, also reliable for unblocking. : New your IP now, newIPNow daily help thousands of people to hide their online identity, you can also use it for free, they provide a big list of IP address to choose, but for larger number of IP addresses you have to buy their premium service, they are good and free for freebies. : A free proxy server help US users to unblock all the blocked sites easily, this is a fast free proxy server, that is helpful in situation when you need to be anonymous.

    Free IP list - IP:Port proxies

    If  you did not like to use web based proxies, then IP:Port proxies can help you, their are hundred thousands of free IP:Port proxies but here we share list the top IP proxies for US users to explore the world with fast speed. They make you anonymous online.

    US fast free IP proxies list

    This is the list of top twenty free US proxy, that can help you to unblock all your favorite sites with fast speed, they are free, just put them in your browser (more detail about adding IPs in browsers are given in last article), and surf freely.   8080      3128    51523       80    8080    8080  7808     23858    8080    80     3128      7808     8080     8080    8080     3128     8089     8089     3128     8080       8080     7808     3127    8080  7808    22948      52762    8118    7808       8082    3128     8080       33988        8089     8089     443    7808    8080     3127     7004     7808     3128       3128     8089      3128    7808    8089    48774      8080      3128     80   3128         46743    37463    7800      8081 

    Best proxies free list

    Following URL can help you to open all blocked sites in American, United states. These all are active free proxy sites :

  • Hope this article help you a lot, if you like it then you will probably like my other article, the information is just for legal educational purposes, and its use must be fair. Add me to your Google plus circle for latest updates and keep coming to our site for latest proxies and blogs, share this article with your friends. if you have any question/suggestion then share it in comment box, and do not forget to Say Thanks.

    Proxy Sites - List of Top Best Free Proxies

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    Want to know about latest proxy sites of 2014, then this place is probably for you, Here you can find thousands of Top new free proxies with high speed and fast server response. We know that most of popular and Favorite websites are blocked in many countries and people need them at any cost, so its a good choice to use free web based proxies for general needs. when we want to use web based proxy then the first Question in our mind is about proxy site to use as there are millions of proxy sites, but most of them have high number of Ads, low speed, auto redirect type issues, so it become a difficult for normal users to find which proxy is best so here we share a biggest list of Proxy sites for you to find most suitable proxy for your self, you can use these proxies free of cost for all of your legal works.
    List of Proxy sites
    Below is the list of Top best free proxies, here you can find proxies of every type for your needs, browse through the list and find one which best suites you.

    Open all blocked sites with fast speed and easy access using , this is free web based proxy which provide unlimited free access to websites which are restricted in your area, you can open blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook and all other legal sites which are block in your area using all unblocked.

    All is US based free web proxy which provide unlimited free browsing to blocked site, using this site you can open all the blocked sites which are restricted in your area by your ISP. is fast, safe and secure which can help you to do complex tasks with security, the safe your online privacy by securing your data through their server, this is Google proxy, you can use Google using this proxy. This site have have high number of users and it is owned by unbanner proxy network.

    4everproxy Best Free Proxy For Opening Blocked Sites

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    Open all blocked site through 4everproxy, The best free proxy to open blocked sites with SSL support, you can easily open all sites that are blocked in your area using 4everproxy, surf anonymously with fast, free and web based proxy, there will be no more restrictions and blocked sites, it will also increase your Internet security.

    About is Fast and free web based proxy which help you to open blocked site anonymously.
    Every time you visit this proxy a two hour browsing session was created for you which is safe & secure and out of reach of hackers, after that this period is completed your session is automatically deleted which ensure your security, 4everproxy also hide your IP address so no one can track you, it is completely free and have no limitations or bandwidth restrictions, it open gateway for you to surf the world wide web without hurdles.

    Benefits of Foreverproxy

    Open BLOCKED Sites

    Open Blocked sites (Free Fast Proxy)

    To unblock write URL and press ENTER.