Monday, 6 October 2014

Easily Unblock Facebook in School with Proxy sites and VPN - Facebook proxy

Today i am sharing best proxy sites for Facebook which you can use to unblock Facebook in School, college or at hostel, these proxies are fast and are not blocked by Facebook so you can use them as you want, also these proxies are trusted by hundred thousands of people and they also have good security system to protect your ID from hackers, so lets start by using FB with proxies.

Facebook Proxy use

Facebook is social site where security and privacy is most important to developer, so it does not allow you to browse through proxies but still you can use FB with proxies through trick and that trick is using site with mobile version, Yes all proxies browse Facebook through mobile version, which is, you can also use Facebook through mobile version with these fast proxies, the advantage of mobile version is that browsing is very fast but problem is that you have not enough features like on desktop version, so if you want to use with desktop version through proxies than use VPN., here i will show your several ways for unblocking.

Use Facebook With Web Based Proxies

These are best proxy sites to unblock Facebook with fast speed, like other proxies these proxies also show you mobile version. The list of proxies are given below:

  • is fast and best web based proxy for FB, MySpace and YouTube.
  • is free web based proxy for Facebook, which give you access without ads. 
  • is another way for unblocking Facebook in school, college or in hostel. 
  • provide anonymous browsing for Facebook with security. 
  • provide simplest way for login and browsing.
  • Unblock FB with special encryption methods.

Unblock Facebook with VPN

Virtual private networks are best for Facebook becuase they have good security and wont show you mobile version ,through them you can unblock all social site including FB, Some VPN coast money while other are Free, here i will show you both free and paid best vpn for facebook.

Paid VPN

  • Hide my ass,
  • Hotspot shield Pro
  • Ghost VPN pro

Free VPN

  • Hotspot shield elite
  • Ghost free VPN
  • Free VPN

    Browse Facebook through IP address

    This is simple way for unblocking of Facebook, just go to any IP finding site and then enter there, it will show its IP, then enter that IP address in url place and press "Enter", FB will open automatically.

    Hope this article help you to unblock Facebook in School with fast speed, if you like this article then share it with your friends and keep visiting this blog for latest post about security and proxies.

    Open BLOCKED Sites

    Open Blocked sites (Free Fast Proxy)

    To unblock write URL and press ENTER.